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Complete auto electric options

Auto electrical repair is our business because electricity helps to transport you, to inspire you and to earn for you.
All around Waitaki there are people running businesses, going places and making dreams come true and it’s their vehicles and machinery that are driving it all for them.

Getting around Waitaki

The way we get around is constantly changing and as your vehicle evolves so does its auto electrical systems. 
With the latest equipment and passionate staff, we’re ready to work on your residential electrical repairs from your engine to your starter motor and your transmission.
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Complete auto electric options available in Grey Street, NZ
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Beefing up your business

They’re bigger and they’re much more complicated but commercial and agricultural vehicles are the things that run your business.

We can complete electrical diagnoses and repairs on your heavy duty trucks to get them working for you again.

If it’s a tractor that harvests your wealth then we can fix that too and get you back to the things that matter most.

‘Sea’ the difference

If you move on the waves then your vehicle might have electrical faults too.
They’re great fun and they look good so keep your jet boats, powerboats, and other marine machines working properly by paying us a visit.

We also stock high quality parts that can recharge any of your rides. these include starter motors, batters an
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